Potty training that is improper, insufficient, or non-existent results in a cluttered home that is uncomfortable for both the owner and the dog. As a result, the purpose of this post is to provide a brief overview of how to successfully potty train your Maltese dog. …

Before enrolling your dog in a dog school, you must know the following things, whether you wish to teach your new puppy basic commands or your rescue dog needs some refresher training.

1. Read before you enroll

Dog training is an industry that is not regulated nor licensed. Believe it or not, anyone may claim…

You don’t need that many things to start training a dog. However, several tools may make your task a lot simpler. Certain dog training supplies will make training a better experience for you and your dog. Some will help you learn about dog training and strengthen your dog training program.

Learning to communicate with your pup using hand signals is a terrific approach to improve your relationship with your pet. When an aural command is combined with a physical signal, most pets are more likely to respond. Many pet owners begin teaching their dogs this at a young age, and…

James Nsien II

Always fond of pets with a keen interest in small dogs. My articles will center around training your small dog to become a well-behaved citizen.

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