Dog’s potty/toilet training

There are many methods to potty train your dog. But, the best among all is the potty/toilet training of a dog using a doorbell.

If you are working on potty or toilet training your puppy, then puppy bell training (teaching an adult dog or puppy to ring the potty bell) can be a real lifesaver. Teaching your dog to ring the potty bell to let him know when he needs to go outside is convenient, simple, and can eliminate accidents (or, in the case of stoic puppies, the dreaded silent peek into the bathroom).

Do not waste your time! The more often your dog goes to the bathroom indoors, the more difficult it will be for him to break this habit. Learn to use the potty bell training now and permanently stop your puppy from doing the business indoors before it’s too late.

This critical training technique gives you the secrets and information of a professional dog trainer that allows you to limit mistakes, easily communicate with your dog, and see immediate results.

So how does it work? The central theme is that all you have to do is hang a doorbell and ring it every time you take your canine companion outside until they finally start ringing it themselves.

Training your puppy or adult canine companion to ring the bell while going outside allows your dog to communicate quickly and clearly when he needs to go to the bathroom.

Dog bell training is suitable for both you and your puppy and helps prevent accidents. Continue reading to learn how this training works.


To start this training, you have to purchase a dog/puppy training bell. You can also make your own with a sturdy rope and cowbell or jingle bells. Note that the bells have a cross-shaped opening at the bottom, which could pull your dog’s toenails, so be careful with that.

Cowbells are loud and can be heard from anywhere in your home — most pet parents who made their puppy bell use this. To muffle the sound of the cowbell, wrap a piece of tape around its edge or tuck baby socks into it. Do it where your dog can barely hear the cowbell at first, then gradually work your way up to a louder sound. But some dogs are terrified of loud noises, so it is best to go for a commercially available puppy potty training bell to achieve maximum benefits.

There are two trainer-approved dog potty bells you can find commercially:

DOORBELL FOR SERVICE DOGS (Specific dogs, requires professional training)

These puppy training bells come in a set of two. They are like the ringing bells you see at service counters in hotel lobbies. With a rust-proof finish and non-slip bottom, they feature a flat, wide button that your dog can easily hit with its paw. If you have two stories in your house, you may need to place a bell on each level. If you on the second floor with your dog, you could put a bell at the top of the stairs. It is the best location. If your puppy rings the bell and you can’t hear him from where you are, it’s like an existential crisis for him. So select that place where you can easily listen to the bell sound when your dog rungs it.


This hanging doorbell has a sturdy nylon belt and extra-large bells, and the Dog Bell easily hangs from any handle. It also has adjustable snap buttons so that you can change its size based on the height of your dog. You can keep that bell on either the house’s front or back door for your dog ease. So when your puppy wants to pee or have to defecate, he/she rang the bell to inform you. This is the best item for you to train your puppies about dog potty training. It is the easiest and convenient method, and minimal effort is made to train your puppies for potty training, regardless of their breed or sex.


Before starting your first training session, cut chicken, sausage, or cheese into raisin-sized pieces; keep your puppy treats minor because if to train a dog for 20 minutes, he could use 50 to 60 treats in one session. You can also use organic, all-natural, grain-free dog treats.

· Teaching your dog to ring a bell with his paw or nose is called targeting. If you don’t have a bell, you can use a soup can (but we prefer the dog hanging bell to potty train your dog).

· Say “touch” and put down the bell — no need to spread with cheese spread or dog-friendly peanut butter. If you sync it correctly, your dog will automatically smell it.

· When your dog’s nose touches/rings the bell, say “Yes!” and immediately put a treat on top of the can. If you are using a dog training clicker to train your dog, you can click on it instead of saying, “Yes!”

· Let your dog come back and smell the object. Say yes! And place a treat on top of the bell every time they smell it, so he knows how to buy him food.

· Repeat 20 to 25 times or until your dog quickly touches the bell with his nose or paw. Then place the bell further away or to the side each time you say “Touch.” Your dog will turn his head or take a few steps to sniff it out and then rungs it.

· Practice for four to five days, aiming for at least one 20-minute training session per day. Puppies may only be able to train for one minute at a time. Although they can learn quickly, they have short attention spans and need frequent breaks.


1. Hang your training bell on the doorknob or a hook by the door. Then prepare your treats and call your dog.

2. Say “Touch/Knock” and hold the bell toward your dog. If you are using a professional service bell, say “Yes” or click! And reward your dog every time he rings the top half of the bell. If he hits the bottom half, reward him 50 percent of the time. He will soon learn to hit the top of the bell.

3. Then divide the service bell into thirds. In 10 to 15 repetitions, your dog will figure out which part of the bell is getting “paid” the best. Dogs are very good at calculating, and with training, they became a total pro.

In short:

· If your dog hits the top of the bell — give him a treat every time.

· If your dog hits the middle of the bell: try random treats or give treats half the time

· If your dog hits the top of the bell — No treat

Please repeat this step until your dog rings the bell five to six times in a row with his paw or nose.


Now that your dog is a skilled ringer, you need to teach him that ringing the doorbell means a quick trip to the bathroom. This is no time to play, hunt or smell. You have to know when your dog is shooting blanks. If he came 30 minutes ago and rang the bell again, it’s for recreation.

To teach your dog when to ring the bell, have him touch it with his nose or paw just before opening the door. Then say “Yes!” and throw a treat. Do this every time you take your dog outside.

Even if the bell doesn’t make any noise the first time your dog hits it, say “Yes!” Please give him a treat, and take it out right away. As soon as he pees or poops, give him another treat. This will help you make the connection between ringing the doorbell and relieving yourself outdoors.

How you successfully potty train your dog?

If you want to keep an utterly domestic dog (where you can leave it at home without having to think twice about keeping it), you have to take action. Your dog will not magically train himself unless you do something about it. The best method is mentioned above, and you can try it with your pup quickly.

Why you need potty training for your dog?

Suppose your dog eventually grows old and learns what to do.

Unfortunately, if your dog doesn’t go to your door and alert you every time they need to go out now … they won’t do it later. The more “potty accidents” your dog has in your home, the harder it is to break your habitual dog. So the longer you wait, the harder it is to get.

Potty training is a must to avoid any possible “accidents.”

It may be helpful at the start, but it will not potty train your dog. Eventually, your dog will realize that he is going out several times a day and will start playing outside instead of using the bathroom because, in his mind, he is thinking, “I just have to go to the bathroom.” No need, I’m just going out again later.

Browse the Internet and try many different things to train your dog/pet.

This can be one of the most terrible things you can do. You may not believe some of the items are recommended by people who have no dog training experience in the forums and blogs for training your dog. Even some great sites online leave out essential steps to successfully potty train your dog.


Teaching your puppy to ring the bell to go outside to conduct business is a great trick and easily achievable by using a good quality dog doorbell. The method mentioned above is way better than having your puppy bark at the door or stay at the door, and you don’t realize that he is waiting for you to take him out.




Always fond of pets with a keen interest in small dogs. My articles will center around training your small dog to become a well-behaved citizen.

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James Nsien II

James Nsien II

Always fond of pets with a keen interest in small dogs. My articles will center around training your small dog to become a well-behaved citizen.

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