Secrets To Teach Your Dog To Walk Nicely on a Leash

Does Your Dog Pull?

How to train your dog to walk nicely on a Leash?

It can be easy to get your dog to stop pulling on the Leash, but our behavioral experts can show you how to take the first steps toward having your dog walk nicely on the Leash. Walking your dog on a leash, also known as loose leash walking, is essentially the same as training your dog to walk alongside you. This is an excellent exercise to ensure that your walks with your dog are both safe and enjoyable. It also encourages the dog to pay attention to you. Inside the home, away from other distractions, is the best place to begin Leash training.


When determining what equipment is appropriate for your dog, there is a lot to consider, from collars and harnesses to leashes. All dogs must wear a collar, identification tag, and a flat collar for this training. Collars and harnesses that tighten when your dog pulls are not required because they can cause your dog pain.

You may find a harness with a back and the front ring is most resourceful as these give you more control from your canine’s chest, mainly when used with a double clip Leash. Headcollars are preferred for larger dogs. Three to four-foot Leashs (training Leashs) are best to use for teaching your dog to walk on a Leash. Retractable Leashes, slip Leashes, and long lines are not appropriate for this training.



In your left hand, hold the Leash, and in your right hand, hold the treats. Use the treats to entice your dog to the right side of your body, where they will stand facing the same direction as you. The Leash should cross their body and be held loosely only with your left hand. Give them something to eat. This is where you’ll begin. They may move away after eating the treat, enticing them back to your site and giving them another lovely treat. Feed them once more for remaining in the same spot. Hold the goodies in your left hand and the Leash in your right if you prefer your dog to be on your left side.


Allow your dog to sniff the treats in your right hand while in the starting position. After they’ve done that, raise your hand to your shoulder and say something like “with me” before taking a step forward. Stop and reward your dog for accompanying you. Your cue word can be anything from “let’s go,” “heel,” or “close,” but whatever you choose, make sure you use it consistently.


Repeat step two and add more steps before giving them a treat again. If your furry friends pull or move away from your side, stand still and lure them back to the starting position. Please do not pull the Leash to move them; stand still and lure them back with a treat.


Practice the steps mentioned above, each time trying to increase the number of steps taken before rewarding your dog. Aim for success and stop and treat while your dog is walking by your side.

Once you’ve mastered this inside the house, take your training outside. Consistency is vital with loose Leash walking, so ensure you’re training every time the Leash goes on. When you start to teach in a distracting environment, be sure to adapt your reinforcement rate to keep your dog motivated.




Always fond of pets with a keen interest in small dogs. My articles will center around training your small dog to become a well-behaved citizen.

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James Nsien II

James Nsien II

Always fond of pets with a keen interest in small dogs. My articles will center around training your small dog to become a well-behaved citizen.

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